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 Quest : Intercambio entre Colegio Nacional Galapagos y los clases de Ohio
Bienvenidos estudiantes de Ohio. We look forward to sharing with you about ourselves and our lives and we are excited to learn about yours. Below there is a folder (called a "task") for each student here. Please view our introductions by clicking one a student`s folder and then by clicking on the first report in their folder (most are titled "hola" or "introducion". A few students here have not yet written their introductions, and a few students have not yet attached photos, but we`re working on it. Please choose a student with whom you would like to communicate and write your introduction by creating a report in there folder (you have to log in first). To attach a picture after writing your message, click "save and attach file" and find your attach a photo from a disk, cd, or your hard-drive just like you would in an e-mail.

File Attachment:

Tasks for this Quest (#reports)
Altamirano Morales (0)
Edgar Solis (1)
Jose Caicedo y Teresa (3)
Carlos Chapi (2)
Vicente Cabrera (0)
Margoth Yucailla (0)
Danilo Fernando (1)
Alexandra Ruiz (2)
Elizabeth Gaona (1)
James Sanchez y Marcos (2)
Patricia Altamirano y Ana (5)
Franklin Jaya y Lydia (2)
Irving Cevallos y Maria (3)
Diego Cajas (1)
Carlos Pisco (1)
Henry Zambrano y Drew Lupson (2)
Aguilar Hector (0)
Hector Aguilar y Kristen (3)
Carlos Vera y Megan (2)
Angélica Masaquiza (0)
Taryn Alexis Rosero Zambrano (0)
Moises Plaza. y Marisa Younan (2)
Maria Antonieta y Tomas (3)
Crithian Valle (1)
Dennis Subia y Diego (3)
Alex Naranjo y Isabel (2)
Flavio Quispe (0)
Danny Barrera (1)
Cristhian Valle (0)
Alex Naranjo (0)
1 Janeth Silva (0)
1 grace loyola (0)
Students/Reporters registered for this Quest • hector a. • patricia a. • E A. • Enr A. • Danny B. • hector b. • jose c. • Judy C. • Irving C. • Carlos C. • eliza g. • Jenny L. • alex n. • carlos p. • Moises P. • Flavio Orlando Q. • james s. • Pamela S. • Maria Antonieta S. • danilo S. • edgar s. • Dennis Jonathan S. • Cristhian Enrique V. • carlos v. • Kevin W. • elizabeth y.
Quest Author: Pamela Scorza Begin Date: 5/12/2004 • End Date: 5/12/2004

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